Villaggio Life Plan Concept

Life Plan Concept

Life Plan Concept

Our Life Plan Community puts the good life right outside your front door so that you can live every day to the fullest, with fewer worries about the future. Villaggio residents buy a life plan, not a floor plan.

What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Community is the new name for what was formerly referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRC’s. Why the name change?

Because the population has changed in sweeping ways. “Care” is not the word that describes this group.

Today’s seniors are baby boomers focused on retiring, not retreating. They are engaged and involved and want to be part of a vibrant neighborhood that connects with the larger community.

They are focused on wellness and healthy living, and they want future care services located on a single campus.

And perhaps most importantly, they have planned their retirement to be able to enjoy life with financial and healthcare security.

SLO History

The road to Villaggio SLO has been a long and determined one, owing much to three local residents: architect/planner Bob Richmond, whose longtime dream of a new concept in senior living for SLO is now taking shape; and Judy and Ken Riener, retired local educators with a personal passion for the life plan concept.

Judy’s experience with her elderly mother’s decline and painful relocations in search of care prompted a personal campaign to find a better solution for the next generation. Judy and Ken have spent fifteen years researching and visiting life plan and continuing care communities and engaging their friends in the conversation.

With the Rieners’ tenacity, Bob’s vision and a team of local investors, Villaggio SLO was born. The response has been nothing short of amazing.

Bob Richmond

Bob Richmond

Judy Riener

Judy Riener

Ken Riener

Ken Riener

How A Life Plan Community Works

You have planned for an active retirement, saved for your future and been mindful that at some point you may need additional help. That’s where a Life Plan Community comes in.

While new to San Luis Obispo County, this well-tested approach to senior living and healthcare has been embraced by tens of thousands of seniors throughout the United States.

Life plan community residents do not own their homes, nor do they rent. They are members of a community with assured housing choice, broad amenities and future care services.

We realize the Villaggio concept is new to SLO County and you likely have many questions about it. We’d love to meet you at our information center near Whole Foods in SLO and tell you more in person.

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To carefully evaluate your current living expenses and compare to Villaggio’s costs and benefits, we have provided this handy worksheet for your convenience.

Use the Worksheet

The Entrance Fee is a one-time cost. Think of it as the cost of your home, with entrance fee depending on the home you select. Most likely, residents moving to Villaggio will use the proceeds from the sale of current homes to pay the one-time Entrance Fee.

Villaggio recognizes that residents value having their home be part of an estate shared after passing with children or charities. While Villaggio residents do not own their homes, if a Villaggio resident passes, 75% or more of the entrance fee is repaid to the resident’s estate. Similarly, should a resident opt to move out of Villaggio, a minimum of 75% of the entrance fee is repayable.

The Monthly Fee covers flexible dining allowance, utilities, cable TV, internet, housekeeping, transportation, social activities and facilities like fitness center, pool, craft center and woodshop, maintenance inside and out, property taxes and lifetime access to the health services – and more.

While monthly fees may be adjusted annually for inflation, they will not increase if your level of care does. In other words, aside from inflation, fees will not increase should you require Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing services (with the exception of a small increase in cost of meals required by the State of California for all residing in our health center).

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