Pat Heineman

Member Spotlight: Pat Heineman

Pat Heineman

Sometimes, life imitates art. Self-published fiction author, Pat Heineman, writes about women of all ages who successfully go through life transitions along a journey of personal growth. She began writing 10 years ago, later in life, which started by documenting family events. As she says wisely, “whether we like them or not, transitions are a part of our lives. And we can harvest the wisdom we’ve gained as we journey through the past to our present story.”

Found on Amazon, her recent book, Mona’s Journey, chronicles the life of a woman who needed to find a way out of her parent’s home and in searching for a new job, ends up on a continent far away from her past. Her other book titles help to paint a picture of similar fun fiction tales she’s penned like Rocky Shores, A Peculiar Connection, and Lune Cottage, all with a common thread of life’s struggles and lessons learned with humor and sensitivity.

Pat is living in a three-level home near the ocean in Cambria. She says that the Pacific Ocean, with its ever-changing moods, makes an ideal setting to write. As she puts it, once the story flows, it takes over and writes itself.

Pat knows her multilevel home has become too large. Cambria also has limited medical services and she knows she will need more care as she ages. Being in the same county as Cambria, Pat says she will continue to feel connected to Cambria while gaining the lifestyle of the wonderful community of Villaggio at San Luis Obispo.

A fan of the arts, Pat says she’ll be happy to be closer to all of the cultural offerings in San Luis Obispo. She also looks forward to becoming engaged socially and developing new friendships at Villaggio. She is thrilled to learn of Cambrians moving to Villaggio and personally knows several women who are already members of the community.

Her daughter, who lives far away in Australia, is very happy for her and feels a sense of relief that she does not have to worry about her mother.

Like Pat’s own life and her storytelling, she is excited about her transition to new beginnings, living an enriching and full life at Villaggio, and all that the Life Plan Community will bring

Pat Heineman

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